Dimitar Dimitrov

Welcome to my page!

I have been a research scientist at the INRIA research center near Grenoble (France), and at the AASS research center at Örebro University (Sweden). I obtained a Ph. D. degree in 2006 from Tohoku University (Japan) and a M. Sc. diploma in 1999 from the Technical University-Sofia (Bulgaria).

Academic interests

  • dynamical systems

  • optimal control

  • convex optimization and its applications

  • multiobjective and nonlinear optimization

  • numerical methods

Research topics

I have been involved in projects related to

  • control of manipulator systems in zero gravity environment

  • walking stabilization of biped robots

  • robotic grasping

  • numerical data fitting in dynamical systems

  • path/trajectory planning for nonholonomic systems

  • development/implementation of quadratic programming solvers

  • fast and reliable solution of lexicographic least-squares optimization problems